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2023 HHSTC Tennis Rules

Hampton Hall Swim & Tennis Club
Tennis Court Rules
(revised 05-15-2023)

1. This is a PRIVATE facility for members and accompanied guests only. Guest Policy: Non- member guests are permitted to visit the pool and tennis courts no more than two (2) times per calendar month. Members are limited to inviting Non-Members to play twice a month. House guests are allowed when accompanied by the member. Members are responsible for the conduct of guests. At least one member must be playing with guests.
2. Tennis only allowed on courts; no rollerblades, skateboards, bicycles, baseball, etc. No dogs are permitted on the courts. No glass is permitted on the courts.
3. Proper tennis footwear and attire are required on the courts (non-marking tennis shoes please).
4. Players should ensure there is no trash left on the courts after play and should empty wastebaskets when full. Also, lock the gate and turn off the lights when play is complete. Non tennis-playing children may play on the courts when neither court is in use for tennis but must not leave any trash behind and must clean up any spills.
5. HHSTC is a non-smoking facility. Smoking is not allowed anywhere within the pool area or tennis courts. If you must smoke, please go to the foot bridge by the creek and please do not leave any cigarette butts in the area.

6. Members must use the HHSTC website to access on-line tennis reservation system at www.hamptonhallstc.org to reserve a court; each member must create an account with a unique username and password (2 accounts per household). Simply go to tennis/reserve a court, place a check by the time/date/court that you wish to play, then click “Update Reservations” to save. You may reserve a court on-line up to 15 minutes before play. Reservation slots are every 30 minutes, on the hour and half past. Members are encouraged to print proof of reservation or have a smart phone to access website to verify your reservation when at the courts.
7. Members can schedule court time up to 7 days in advance between the hours of 8 am and 11 pm. All play must stop at 11:00 pm, no exceptions. Time limits for reservations are 60 minutes for Singles and 120 minutes for Doubles. Please reserve for only the amount of time needed. Regardless of the username used to make reservations, an individual member may reserve a court only once per day, no member can reserve the court during the peak hours (5:30 pm-8 pmMonday-Friday) more than twice a week, and an individual member may not reserve a court more than three times a week total (during peak hours or non- peak hours).
8. Reservations will be considered cancelled, and the courts available for walk-on play, if the person(s) who made the reservation has not shown up 15 minutes after the reserved time. If you need to cancel or cannot make your reserved time, please log-in and delete the reservation so other members have the opportunity to sign up and play.
9. No back-to-back reservations will be allowed. For example, two members of a doubles match may not reserve a four-hour block of time by each signing up for a reservation.
10. An open court is available for walk-on play at any time. This includes when a court becomes available at the end of ALTA matches. It is never appropriate to ask that an empty court remain unused for any reason.
11. Play may continue beyond the two-hour reservation time if no other members are waiting to walk on or if there is no reservation for the courts. If play continues based on this rule, the courts must be relinquished within 10 minutes if a member arrives for walk-on play.
12. No junior (under the age of 18) lessons may be held Monday, Tuesday, or Thursday during peak hours (5:30 pm – 8:00 pm). Juniors are allowed to schedule lessons on Wednesday and Friday during the hours of 5:30 pm – 7:00 pm. A lesson is defined as an adult, non-family member feeding balls with a basket or hitting with a junior player without an adult family member playing. Peak hours are for family and adult play.
13. Members are allowed to reserve a court for paid individual or group lessons under the following conditions:

  • The individual paying for the lessons must reserve the court under their name.
  • The individual that reserved the court (or their direct family member) must be present during the lesson.

We request members respect and abide by the above policies. Repeated violation of these policies will result in a warning, and if continued, could result in loss of HHSTC membership.

14. HHSTC can support up to two (2) adult teams of each ALTA league during the same season. ALTA tennis teams may reserve the courts once per week starting at 7:30 pm (7:00 pm for Winter ALTA) up to two weeks prior to start of the season for practice. ALL teams must be registered with the HHSTC tennis coordinator. Captains must send roster, schedule, and practice time/date to HHSTC tennis coordinator for approval and to block out courts.
15. An adult ALTA team must be comprised of at least as many members as the minimum number required by ALTA to form a team, and if at all possible should consist of members only. However, if a team is at risk of having to default due to a low numbers of players (generally less than 17), with the approval of the tennis coordinator, up to 4 nonmembers may be added to the team. Captains are encouraged to solicit other members to join their team in order to minimize the number of non-member alternates. Non-member fees are $40/season. Courts will not be reserved until fees and rosters are submitted and approved.
16. HHSTC home ALTA team make-up matches have precedence over practice times and casual play, including HHSTC away ALTA team make-up matches. Please email HHSTC tennis coordinator the time/date request for the make-up match. The tennis coordinator will override existing reservations and replace it with the new reservation for the make-up matches. (Make-up matches are those rescheduled resulting from inclement weather preventing matches from being played as regularly scheduled.)
17. The HHSTC tennis coordinator has discretion to work with captains to balance out teams regarding number of players on a roster. For example, if one team has 25 members and the other team only has 15, it is in HHSTC’s interest to try and balance number of players on each roster to ensure everyone gets ample playing time.
18. HHSTC can support a maximum of two (2) junior girls and two (2) junior boys ALTA teams per season, regardless of age. Practice times must be completed by 5:30 pm Monday -Thursday as to minimize interference with peak time play (5:30 pm-8 pm). Captains must send roster and practice time/date to HHSTC tennis coordinator for approval. Non-member fees are the same as adult non- member fees ($40/season). Junior teams may have an equal number of non- member and member players on a team. Courts will not be reserved until fees and rosters are submitted and approved.
19. ALTA captains are responsible for knowing the ALTA Tennis Rules (please read them). The HHSTC tennis coordinator and committee members are not arbiters of ALTA Tennis Rules.

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