DeKalb County Sewer Construction Project

DeKalb County Sewer Construction Project
Thursday, May 23

DeKalb County has started a project to repair and upgrade the sewer system in the Hampton Hall area. The project will require their contractor to access sewer lines on the Hampton Hall Swim Club property. The work will consist of excavating down to the existing sewer line, cutting out a section of the old pipe and replacing it with a new pipe. There are two sections on our property where they will be working. The first is located in the woods between our courts and the Brittany Club. The other is located by our entrance along Warrenhall.

This work will also involve tracking of the necessary machines/equipment to access each area. The pipe sections under the tennis courts will not be disturbed, and any impact on the property will be restored to in like kind. The work is scheduled to begin sometime between May 20th and June 3rd. We have provided the County’s contractor with the dates of all swim meets and private parties and requested that they avoid working on those days.

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