Calcutta Aug 2018

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The Hampton Hall Tennis Calcutta will be held on August 25 & 26, and all members with an interest in tennis are encouraged to join.  There will be a $10 entry fee to join, which will fund kegs and hot dogs during the matches.  (participants are encouraged to bring side dishes to the courts on Saturday)


Calcutta pairings will be selected out of a hat on Saturday, with each member being ranked A,B, C, or D and paired with an opposite ranking.


This will be a double elimination tournament, and quarterfinals, semi-finals and finals will take place Sunday, August 26th.  We will try to schedule first round matches during the week to (Sunday – Friday), so that at least first round matches can be completed before Saturday.


The betting party will take place Saturday, August 18th as part of the Adult Party at the pool.  30% of all betting funds will be used to buy new Tennis Benches for the courts. 


Please email Gina Joiner at if you plan to participate, and please include a “self-ranking” (A, B, C, or D).

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